Quick Self-Care Activities

There are several activates that we participate in everyday that help us to relax and enjoy life.  However, in times of stress, these strategies to take care of ourselves often go out the window and we forget how important our self-care actually is.  Listed below are quick self-care suggestions that will help remind you of what you can do to fulfill your own self-care needs.

candleRelaxing Activities

  1. Reading your favorite book
  2. Lighting candles
  3. Listening to music
  4. Praying
  5. Going to therapy
  6. Watching a funny movie
  7. Doing aroma therapy
  8. Having a glass of wine
  9. Getting a massage
  10. Doing a self-massage
  11. Drinking chamomile tea
  12. Taking a bubble bath
  13. Journaling
  14. Painting
  15. Working on crafts or hobbies


phone call

Social Activities

  1. Call a freind
  2. Going shopping
  3. Going out to lunch
  4. Getting your hair done/manicure/pedicure
  5. Volunteering
  6. Have a date night with your spouse/significant other
  7. Talk with your spouse/significant other to process your experiences



Exercise Activities

  1. Doing aerobic exercise
  2. Stretching
  3. Walking
  4. bicycleBicycling
  5. Redecorating the house
  6. Changing furniture around
  7. Doing Yoga
  8. Hiking
  9. Surfing
  10. Gardening
  11. Doing housework
  12. Dancing to music
  13. Going dancing
  14. Going to the park and walking, sitting, or swinging
  15. Walking the dog
  16. Sorting and organizing the house (cleaning closets, drawers, files, etc.)

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