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[b][url=]Louboutin Wedding Shoes[/url][/b]Alongside global celebrities Tom Cruise and John Travolta,Haggis,(who wrote the back-to-back Academy Award-winning films Million Dollar Baby and Crash) was a Scientology poster boy. He was precisely the sort of show business star whom Church officials could trot out as an example of their religion’s ability to help adherents “go clear,” Scientology lingo for the achievement of a state of enlightenment via a long and expensive process of Church-administered courses. Wright revealed how Haggis,who had joined Scientology in his early 20’s as an aspiring television scribe,had recently undergone a painful split from the Church,triggered by its bigoted attitudes on homosexuality (Haggis has two lesbian daughters).
[b][url=]Moncler Polo[/url][/b]Here is an equally fluorescent purse that Meredith Wendell gave me…went well with the shoes!Here is my new phone case I designed using Zazzle…so cool!I have been admiring Meredith Wendell’s accessories ever since my mom turned me on to their things on Net a Porter. At the time they had done a square leather bag with a blue suede patch on the front that seriously brought me to my knees. It was unlike any other bag out there. That’s what I love about their bags!My mom and were lucky enough to meet Meredith and Wendell, a husband and wife design team based out of New York, when they were passing through Dallas last week. It was so exciting to meet designers I admire so much…they were so fun and sweet!Meredith Wendell was extremely kind to give us a few of their beautiful accessories.
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