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[b][url=]Outlet Moncler Milano[/url][/b]Lamb also suggested there could be some cooperation on social care, climate change, and health.Both Leech and Stuart said they felt there would be no defections from the Lib Dems this parliament, and Leech gave a good illustration of the power of tribal loyalty, saying there was “more likelihood of me ripping up my Man City season ticket and getting a ticket to Old Trafford” than his leaving the Lib Dems for Labour.3.02pm: In his conference speech Danny Alexander identified some “enemies of growth”. (See 1.05pm.) Labour have also got a candidate for this label. No prizes for guessing … This is from Angela Eagle, the shadow chief secretary to the Treasury.The biggest enemy of growth is this government’s policy of cutting spending and raising taxes on ordinary families too far and too fast.[b][url=]Moncler Soldes[/url][/b]
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It’s surely undignified to be seen to dance to the tabloid tune, not least at a time when Fleet Street is trampling over parliament in the post-Leveson war for effective press regulation.And didn’t Cameron recently have to apologise to Tory donor, Peter Cruddas, after he won a libel suit against the Sunday Times whose word No 10 had taken over cash-for-access without first checking? When will they learn?In its “Why, Oh Why?” spot on the editorial page (as in “why, oh why is it all so awful?”) Thursday’s Mail carries a quickie article by the Stakhanovite Quentin Letts, currently appearing on Radio 4 while his political and theatrical reviewing takes August off. He deplores the greed of all political parties, the squalor that surrounds the link between cheques and honours and notes ?€? a rare insight this ?€? how much party leaders hate having to pander to donors (as they all do).[b][url=]Moncler Bestellen[/url][/b]
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