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Just this month, we have had the imposition of the EU agency workers directive, which the government decided to implement immediately, and new pensions obligations will be imposed on employers later in the year. These are poor policies to be pursuing in the depths of a recession.11.30am: When George Osborne gave evidence to the Commons Treasury committee about the budget, he said that the existence of the coalition and the fact that the figures had to be cleared in advance with the Office for Budget Responsibility helped to explain why so much of it leaked in advance. In its report today, the committee say “coalition government is not a justification for budget leaks”.But, on his Daily Mail blog, James Chapman suggests that the problem with the budget was that it was not discussed widely enough within government in advance.[b][url=]Suns 8s[/url][/b]After enrolling for the spring semester at Southeast Missouri State University,Nafis became vice president of the school’s Muslim student organization,but seems to have kept any jihadi thoughts largely to himself. One fellow student remembers that Nafis joined in such charitable endeavors as supplying book bags to needy children.Yet,where some young men might haunt sex sites online,Nafis was viewing cyberporn of a different kind: Al Qaeda’s digital magazine,Inspire,as well as videos that Imam Anwar al-Awlaki made before being killed by a drone strike in Yemen last year. Mike Daly discusses the foiled terror plot on NewsBeast. Nafis left SMSU at the end of the term and apparently made initial contact online with someone he imagined to be a jihadi—but was in fact an FBI informant.
[b][url=]Canada Goose Kids[/url][/b]”Highlighting YouGov polling that gives Johnson a seven-point leader over Livingstone, he added: “As a political manoeuvre, it has worked a treat.”Johnson’s aide dismissed claims of a deal with Downing Street and suggestions that the mayor, despite appearing to be his own man, is in Downing Street’s pocket.When Johnson airs views at odds with the Conservative line, common courtesies mean he will tip off Downing Street beforehand, although the aide stressed this was not a matter of getting approval.The Sun article, which coincided with a piece in the Telegraph in which Johnson declared that Greece was bust and should withdraw from the euro, were not discussed in any way with his Conservative allies in government beforehand.[b][url=]Beats By Dr Dre Headphones[/url][/b]Alberto Hernandez,of the national weather centre,told MVS Radio on Tuesday this was the first time that two named storms had hit the country at the same time since 1958. He said Manuel and Ingrid had become exceptionally destructive as they had combined forces to form one large slow-moving new system that has spread across the country.Hernandez forecast more heavy rain and noted that the remnants of Manuel are regaining strength in the north-west and could develop into a new storm. There is also a new system in the south-east off the coast of the Yucatán peninsula that is also threatening to develop into a named tropical storm on Wednesday as it heads north-west. Sign up for the Guardian Today Our editors’ picks for the day’s top news and commentary delivered to your inbox each morning.
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