About the Author

Dr. Cory McKinsey


Cory McKinsey, MA is a clinical psychology graduate student at Azusa Pacific University in Southern California.  Mr. McKinsey has had a passion for working with members of the Deaf Community for several years and has recognized the discrepancy and misconceptions that exists between the broader hearing society and the Deaf Community.  After working for several years in a non-profit agency as a designer of educational products for deaf children, Mr. McKinsey decided to shift his focus onto the parents of these children.

This website is a component to Mr. McKinsey’s dissertation while he attends Azusa Pacific University.  It is designed to be an early intervention tool for clinicians to utilize when they encounter families who face this struggle, as well as an easily accessible resource for parents to access around the globe.  Once he graduates, Mr. McKinsey desires to continue to help hearing parents with deaf children in any capacity.  He hopes that the content, resources, and support found within these pages can help alleviate some of the unknown for parents and that families can grow from these experiences to live positive and fulfilling lives.

Cory would also like to express his gratitude to his dissertation committee for
their support and guidance throughout the creation of this website. Thank you to
Sheryn Scott, PhD, Holli Eaton, PsyD, and Cindy Greenslade, PhD.

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