A Letter to Parents



Dear Parents,

This website has been designed for you.  If you are reading this, you may be filled with confusion, you may be overwhelmed with emotions, and you may have lost hope for your future and the future of your child.  The purpose of this website is to provide you with the support and the resources needed during the time of your child’s diagnosis and beyond.  Hopefully you will find answers to questions that you may have or to questions that you have yet to ask.


This website has several goals:

  • To help you cope with your loss and grief over your child’s inability to hear.
  • To discuss the grieving process
  • To address several factors that you may expect as you traverse through the diagnostic process
  • To help you generate resources to help foster communication with your child
  • To provide resources for outside support
  • To aid individuals through tough life transitions
  • To providing information about different communication options for your child
  • To address strategies for you to generate self-care practices
  • To help foster communication between you and your partner to help strengthen the parental relationship
  • To foster hope for parents


With these goals in mind, I hope that this website can benefit you during this difficult life transition.  Hopefully, the resources and support provided in these few web pages can help facilitate the growth of your family.  Although this may not have been the path that you desired for your life, there is still hope for positive outcomes for you and your child.  Please hold onto that as you navigate the road ahead.


With all of my support,

Cory McKinsey, MA

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